Bb. Pilipinas 1999 – A Whirlwind Year

By Mark Macoy 04/05/2012

Do you still remember the whirlwind scenario in Bb Pilipinas 1999?


After Janelle Baustista was dethroned as BBP Universe, BBP World Miriam Quiambao assumed the title BBP Universe contrary to last year’s (1998) decision when 1st runner-up Jewel May Lobaton assumed the title BBP Universe left by Tisha Silang. Although we can see that BBP 1999 1st runner-up Michelle Arcangel can take the title (she’s 24 at that time). Dont know what happened why BBP Universe was not given to Arcangel.

Lalaine Edson retained her title BBP International for few more months. There was a long period when BPCI introduces Lalaine and Miriam as the current queens to the public. No one was carrying the BBP World title yet.

When Miriam Quiambao won as 1st runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant, BPCI considered her to be the country’s bet for Miss World in London. BPCI realized that Miriam has an obligation as Miss Universe 1st runner up giving the fact that she can anytime assume the title Miss Universe if in case the winner cannot complete her duties. This lead for the organizers to find another lady to represent the Philippines in Miss World.


Charlene Gonzalez, Joanne Santos and even actress Sunshine Cruz were considered to be the represenative of our country. Charlene politely declined the offer saying that she wanted another girl to experience what she already did in 1994. Joanne was considered after her triumph in Macau when she was crowned Miss Tourism International in 1997. The offer did not materialized. According to an interview with Noli De Castro, Sunshine was offered by Stella Marquez Araneta and even invited her for a go-see (something like wearing a swimsuit, checking her height and all that). Sunshine declined. I don’t know what happened to the offer but there are rumors that Cesar Montano got in the way.


Then, Stella Marquez Araneta decided to send Lalaine Edson to both Miss World and Miss International pageants, something that never done before by BPCI in a major pageant. Until Araneta got the schedules of the two pageants. Miss World and Miss International will be held December 4 and December 14 respectively. This resulted for Araneta to send Lalaine to Miss World pageant. Araneta and BPCI committee checked the background of the 2 BBP runners-up, Joelle Pelaez and Michelle Arcangel. Both ladies at that time was 24 years old, overage for Miss International pageant where the contestants must be 17-22 years old.


BPCI Committe approved the appointed candidate, Georgina Anne Dela Paz Sandico, who stands 5″11 and was 6th placer among the Top 10 in the BBP pageant. She was 20 years old that time and was given the title BBP International.

Final BBP court : Lalaine Edson, World. Miriam Quiambao, Universe and Georgina Sandico, International.


Photo Credits : Tony Paat